Laapataa Ladies Netizens Say: ‘Official Oscar entry’, ‘Cried while watching’

With a cast of Ravi Kishan, Sparsh Srivastav, Nitashi Goel, Savita Malviya, the film is directed by Kiran Rao
Laapataa Ladies OTT Review: ‘Official Oscar entry’, ‘Cried while watching’
Laapataa Ladies OTT Review: ‘Official Oscar entry’, ‘Cried while watching’

In a world where flashy visuals often steal the show, it's refreshing to see the internet buzzing about something different: Kiran Rao's Laapataa Ladies. This film has quietly but powerfully captured the hearts of viewers. In a year filled with cinematic highs and lows, Laapataa Ladies has impactfully made a strike in the hearts of audiences across the nation. Check out what the internet is saying:

A netizen wrote, "Kaafi arse baad kisi nayi Hindi film ko dekh kar kuch naye khayal aaye, bas ushi ke liye shukraguzaar hoon @raodyness 🌻"

Yet another netizen wrote, "I cried while watching #LaapataaLadies ,when the station master showed them a poster and phool hug dadi and the last station scene when phool returns and she shouts Deepak name when he is about to leave and that scene hayee. This should be the official Oscar entry from India"

A fan praised and wrote, "Every character, dialogue and expression in Laapata Ladies movie was BANG ON! Thank you Kiran Rao for this. Phool's entrepreneurial spirit & the desperation of Jaya to study was remarkable. Must Must watch! It should be broadcast in small towns & villages. #LaapataaLadies"

A fan wrote, "#LaapataaLadies Absolutely brilliant film! Best Feel Good film after a longggg time! “Don’t apologize for having a dream”… Aamir Khan/Kiran Rao collab, and the choice of actors - just absolutely freakish brilliant!!"

A fan jotted down, "Kudos to you @raodyness What a film #LaapataaLadies! I think it would be great to screen it in spaces where it will help most - in aanganwadis, in govt higher secondary #schools, in govt & mofussil #colleges, in suburbs. Young #girls need to see it, subtle yet strong messaging !"

Yet another review reads, "So glad we’ve been getting films like Chamkila, Joram, Three of us and Laapataa ladies of late. Back to films with fleshed out scripts and characters, that are well shot , beautifully edited and sound solid. Because if we’re left with just Pushpa and KGF what are people who want films like these to do?"

The film released in theatres on March 1 and is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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