Kohrra Director Sudip Sharma says a Charles Bukowski poem led to the genesis of show

Kohrra is available to stream on Netflix
Director Sudip Sharma
Director Sudip Sharma

In an interview with IANS, filmmaker Sudip Sharma who directed the recently released Netflix crime series Kohrra, shared that the inception of the show was actually a poem by Charles Bukowski.

Kohrra follows the story of an NRI's murder and the drama that unfolds. Each character in the show is dealing with some or the other situation and has its own dark secrets that make it a compelling watch. This is not just a one-dimensional crime drama that follows just the investigation.

Talking about the genesis of the show, Sharma told IANS, "The show came into being with the idea to explore various facets of love. The genesis of the show was the poem 'Love is a dog from hell' by Charles Bukowski. We wanted to explore love and its different forms, be it between two lovers, a father and son, a father and daughter, a mother and son or a mother and daughter."

He further mentioned, "We wanted to understand through the story what is it that makes love such a complex emotion and what is the 'fog' that stops people from seeing the truth. Since we wrote it with that intention, the idea was to get deeper into the layers of these characters rather than just looking at it through the lens of a plot driven procedural because when you do that, you tend to ignore the nuances and we wanted to test these characters and touch upon what makes them the way they are."

Kohrra is available to stream on Netflix.

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