Kayal Anandhi Fights Patriarchy In Mangai Trailer

This road movie deals with serious themes of women’s emancipation and societal prejudices when a particularly odd scenario puts a young woman under suspicion
Kayal Anandhi Has To Overcome Patriarchy In Mangai Trailer
Kayal Anandhi Has To Overcome Patriarchy In Mangai Trailer

Women’s rights is going to be a key subject in the upcoming social drama Mangai. The film, starring Kayal Anandhi, Dushy, Adhitya Kathir, Shivin, Rams, Kavitha Bharathi in the lead roles is a drama about a couple caught in a predicament that has their morality tested by a group of people. The trailer offers a glimpse into a woman’s fight for equality in a sexist world.

The film is directed by debutant Gubenthiran Kamatchi and bankrolled by JSM Pictures.

Mangai is an exploration of the prejudices and disparities in society's attitude towards women and how regressive thinking influences women’s lives and their decisions in day to day life. SJ Star cranks the camera, while Theeson handles the music department. Parthiban Anthony handles the editing whereas, Lakshmi Narayan is in charge of the sound design. Mangai will be released in theatres by March this year.

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