Kamal Haasan Meets The Reel ‘Manjummel Boys’ and Director Chidambaram

The survival drama is now one of the highest-grossing Malayalam films in Tamil Nadu
A still from the film
A still from the film

The blockbuster success of Manjummel Boys (2024) and its celebrations across the country is quite the surprise win for a film with no typical ‘stars’. The film’s team has been busy meeting with some of the most popular stars in Tamil cinema like Dhanush, Vikram, Udhayanidhi Stalin among others, all reeling from the film’s popularity in Tamil Nadu. The team has finally met with Kamal Hassan, the man behind Guna (1991), the film that has served as the source for many references and meta callbacks in Manjummel Boys.

Kamal Haasan recently caught a private screening of the film held by the team, with director Chidambaram and stars of the film like Sreenath Bhasi, Balu Varghese, Khalid Rahman, Deepak Parambol and the rest of the ‘Manjummel Boys’ in attendance.

The film set in the "Guna Caves", bears many references to Kamal Haasan’s iconic film, with a callback to the evergreen 'Kanmani Anbodu' song, sung by the actor. The song was used in a clever, subversive point in the film’s finale.

Manjummel Boys bankrolled by and starring Soubin Shahir among an ensemble cast tells the story of a group of friends, whose visit to the infamous Guna Caves turns into a fight for survival when the unexpected happens to one among them. The film has also been promoted as a tribute to Kamal Haasan and his career by the director and cast in recent press interactions.

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