Joyguru: Biopic on Singer and Mystic Artist Parvathy Baul

The film will be premiered at the Cannes Film Festival
Joyguru: Biopic on Singer and Mystic Artist Parvathy Baul
Joyguru: Biopic on Singer and Mystic Artist Parvathy BaulSUBHRAJYOTI TALAPATRA

Indian actor-filmmaker Soumyajit Majumdar's latest venture Joyguru, a Hindi feature film, marks a significant step in the global cinema arena. Following the acclaim of his multi award winning debut film Homecoming, Majumdar embarks on a new cinematic journey to narrate the extraordinary life of internationally renowned singer and mystic artist, Parvathy Baul.

Recently announced after Parvathy Baul's enthralling performance at Times Square during a Bengali New Year celebration, Joyguru promises to be a musical odyssey. Largely based on Baul's life, the film captures Radhika Das Baul's collaboration with Bollywood music director Ritwik on a groundbreaking album of Baul songs transcreated in Hindi. Their unique bond unfolds just before her sudden disappearance from her ashram near Shantiniketan, India.

Set to commence filming in 2025, Joyguru stands as the first Indo-UK-USA-France co-production. Renowned cinematographer Ravi Varman will capture the essence of Parvathy Baul's journey on screen

As Joyguru gears up for representation at the Cannes Film Festival, it represents a convergence of cultures and a celebration of universal themes.

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