Huma Qureshi on Tarla: I think Tarla Ji and I are diametrically very opposite people

Qureshi stars as Chef Tarla Dalal in her upcoming feature Tarla
Huma Qureshi in Tarla
Huma Qureshi in Tarla

Huma Qureshi stars as food writer and chef Tarla Dalal in the upcoming film Tarla. Talking about Dalal, Qureshi said, “What got her the affection was how she was able to cook for everybody, she cooked her way into the international industry. She introduced India to a lot of international cuisines, simplified those recipes for us and found substitutes. She understood her audience, the homemakers, who wanted to try these fun things, and she connected with them. I had the privilege to play Tarla ji, she is the OG feminist with a soft demeanor, bubbly, and an affable nature. She was who she was and she was authentic."

Further discussing her prep for the role, she said, “I think Tarla Ji and I are diametrically very opposite people, and I think the challenge and the fun part for me was how do I come closest to her persona as possible. Being a North Indian Delhi girl and playing a Gujarati or a Marathi character is always going to be tricky, and I think I worked really hard on this in terms of my Gujarati accent or mannerism or looks. I love that the trailer is incredible and is receiving so much love."

Tarla is written and directed by Piyush Gupta and also features Sharib Hashmi, Purnendu Bhattacharya, and Veenah Naair. The film streams on Zee5 from July 11.

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