Exhibitor’s Association Stops Malayalam Film Releases In Theatres

The temporary decision is the result of a fallout between the exhibitors association and producers union relating to OTT release stipulations for upcoming releases
Exhibitor’s Association Stops Subsequent Malayalam Film Releases In Theatres
Exhibitor’s Association Stops Subsequent Malayalam Film Releases In Theatres

The Film Exhibitors United Organization of Kerala (FEUOK) has come out with a statement that there won't be any more Malayalam film releases in Kerala starting from February 22 this month.

The decision follows a fallout between FEUOK and the Producer’s Association with regards to a few newly initiated suggestions pertaining to film releases. The exhibitors' organisation had come out with some conditions regarding the delay of OTT release for major films and the installation of projectors in theatres to be vested with the owners concerned. 

K Vijayakumar, the President of FEUOK, recently put out a statement regarding a 42-day mandatory window between theatrical and OTT release for Malayalam films from now on. The decision seems to have come after many producers violated this rule set down by the Exhibitors Union, wherein films have been delivered to many streaming platforms with no such conditions attached. The temporary decision will not, however, impact current films that are running in theatres but only applies to any new and upcoming releases.

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