Exclusive! Sunny Deol on Gadar 2 Success: The mania that I saw 22 Years back returned again

Directed by Anil Sharma, the film also stars Ameesha Patel and Utkarsh Sharma
Sunny Deol in Gadar 2
Sunny Deol in Gadar 2

In a recent media interview, Sunny Deol opened up on the success of Gadar 2 and also shared the reactions he received from the audience after Gadar 2 released in theatres.

The story is simple and straightforward which was picked up from where we left the first Gadar,” said Deol in an interview. “All the characters from the original movie are present, and those are the same characters we went ahead with in the film, so it was a saga which continued. This connection with familiar characters resonated with the audience, especially those who had seen the first film. Families introduced it to their children, and it still connects with people.” Speaking about his character, Deol added, “Tara Singh is a character who is exceptionally beloved, akin to a Marvel Comics character. In today's world, where youth are avid fans of Marvel Comics, Tara Singh holds his own, he's even more powerful than some Marvel characters. What sets him apart is that when he faces difficulty, he calls upon the almighty God for strength, and at that point, no one can stand against him.”

Gadar 2 broke several box office records including that of Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan. Talking about the madness that moviegoers experienced while watching Gadar 2, the actor said, “The mania that I saw 22 years back, I saw the same mania coming back again. People were coming out, riding tractors and going to cinema halls, and I saw them dancing and thoroughly enjoying the film. It became evident to me that this film was a resounding success, as I witnessed people celebrating all over the country.”

Gadar 2 is directed by Anil Sharma. The film also stars Utkarsh Sharma and Ameesha Patel reprising their roles from Gadar: Ek Prem Katha which released in 2001, also directed by Sharma. Gadar 2 released in theatres on August 11.

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