Bhuvan Bam brings new vibe to Takeshi's Castle reboot

The show will stream on Prime Video from November 2
Takeshi Castle
Takeshi Castle

The iconic Japanese game show Takeshi’s Castle which was scheduled to get its Indian reboot has now unveiled its official trailer, after releasing its hilarious teaser.

In the trailer, Bhuvan Bam brings on an entirely new vibe to his commentary and is more than a match for Javed Jaffrey’s legendary commentary.

Bam as ‘Titu Mama’ is also seen paying a tribute to the show's seasoned commentator and beloved fan-favourite, Javed Jaffrey, along with a nod to his film Jajantaram Mamantaram (2003).

The brand new version of the show retains all of its ‘80s oddities and hilarious attitude, featuring goofy get ups, funny challenges, and deliberately goofy VFX, as such retaining all the eccentric, adrenaline-fueled elements of the original version.

Bam spoke about being the commentator on the show, “Takeshi’s Castle has been an integral part of my formative years and the commentary by Javed sir is etched as a core memory that still cracks me up everytime I think of it.

“So, when I was presented with the opportunity to be a part of its reboot, my excitement was boundless. As I previewed the new version, glimpses of which can be seen in the trailer, I decided that Titu Mama from BB Ki Vines, with his desi accent, uncle-next-door personality and unique perspectives, would be the perfect fit to provide commentary to this show’s reboot,” he said.

The new version of Takeshi’s Castle will exclusively premiere on Prime Video with eight episodes, and will stream in India from November 2.

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