Basil Joseph leads family on to a crazy ride in Malayalam film Falimy

Written and directed by Nithish Sahadev, the film releases in theatres on November 10

The Malayalam family period drama film Falimy by director Nithish Sahadev has unveiled its first look poster. A teaser of the light-hearted film presents glimpses of a family embarking on a thrilling adventure with actor Basil Joseph taking up the reins.

Much of the first glimpse shows a very comedic moment between the family members where Sandeep Pradeep is telling Joseph that the solution to his problem in terms of living, is to live together.

The clip then showcases the other characters which include the actresses Meenaraj, Manju Pillai, and actor Jagdish. The role of Jagdish seems to be one of more serious capacity as he is seen standing outside a train station, yelling at the others.

The family then hits an unexpected snag and embark on a personal adventure where much of family dynamics come out, more so as everyone explores the ups and downs of their relationships.

With top-notch cinematography and amusing screenplay, Falimy seems to have a more experimental style to filmmaking, particularly because the whole thing just seems very self-aware, making fun of traditional tropes with references to them.

The movie is written and directed by Nithish Sahadev and boasts a stellar cast which consists of Basil Joseph, Pradeep, Jagdish, Meenaraj, and Manju Pillai in key roles. Falimy will hit theatres on November 10.

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