Anil Kapoor says he sought Protection of His Personality Rights for This Reason

Kapoor had filed a lawsuit in the Delhi High Court seeking protection of his Publicity/Personality rights
Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor had filed a lawsuit in the Delhi High Court seeking protection of his name, image, voice and personality attributes. Kapoor had sought a permanent injunction restricting people at large and social media channels, websites, and mobile apps from using his name, voice, signature, image, or any other attribute which is exclusively identifiable with him for any commercial and/or personal gain without his consent. The court has passed an interim order and restrained several entities from infringing the personality rights of the actor.

Kapoor has shared a statement through his team offering an explanation for why he filed a lawsuit. The actor said, "I had filed a suit in Delhi high court through my lawyer Ameet Naik for protection of my personality rights including my name, image, likeness, voice and other attributes of my personality against any misuse including on digital media. The suit has various instances of misuse of my attributes.”

Kapoor's statement says that his intention is not to interfere with anyone's freedom or expression or to penalise anyone. However he believes his personality is his life's work, and he wants to prevent any misuse given rapidly evolving technology. He added, "The court has after a detailed hearing granted an order acknowledging my personality rights and restraining all offenders from misusing my personality attributes including my name, image, likeness, voice etc. without my permission in any manner including through artificial intelligence, deep fakes, GIFs. etc."

Kapoor will be seen next in Thank You For Coming and Fighter.

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