Alia Bhatt says her Character in Heart of Stone is a Reflection of her Roots

Heart of Stone is available to stream on Netflix from August 11 onwards
Alia Bhatt in Heart of Stone
Alia Bhatt in Heart of Stone

In a recent media interaction, Alia Bhatt who will be seen in her Hollywood debut film Heart of Stone said that her character, Keya Dhawan in the film, is a true reflection of her roots and signifies her identity in terms where she belongs. She also shared that she said yes to the film to add to her repository of her experience as it gave her the chance to collaborate with Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan.

Talking about what drew her to Heart of Stone, and the role of Dhawan, Bhatt said, “This was a super huge opportunity for me to be a part of a film like this, and to break through to the global market. I’ve been working in the Indian film industry for ten years now, but this is my first English language film, and that’s always something that I wanted to tick off my box."

Alia Bhatt in Heart of Stone
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"I also wanted it to be true to who I am and where I come from. I found that in 'Heart of Stone’ and in the character of Keya, because she’s from India and she’s pushed against these extreme circumstances. She has to really prove herself and she’s fighting for something, as everyone is in the film, and she has her own motive," she added.

She further added, "Also, being a part of this huge action film headlined by Gal Gadot, it’s really the action film of today, one led by this really strong woman whom we all look up to and love. I really liked the whole narrative, and having seen Tom Harper’s work as well, I was really excited to work with him. There were a lot of pluses that came together to make me feel I should take the plunge and do this."

Heart of Stone will drop on Netflix on August 11.

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