Ali Fazal learned dirt biking for his role in Kandahar starring Gerard Butler

The film was released in North America last week and will soon be released in India
Ali Fazal
Ali Fazal

In a recent media conversation, Ali Fazal who plays the role of Kahil, one of the antagonists in Kandahar shared that he learnt dirt biking for his character in the film.

"So basically dirt biking has clearly become a very loved passion in my life. Also surprisingly dissipating me from regular biking on the busy roads of our cities. But you know you'll never be as good as you wanna be because when you're working with such an amazing stunt team on a film like Kandahar, where everything is totally measured and state-of-the-art, even though the bike was a very simple bike, deliberately chose a very non pricey bike like a KTM."

"This was because we actually had to do these stunts. I had to do these stunts in the desert. And we couldn't fake a lot of this stuff. So I learned about dirt biking. I landed up 25 days before shoot and started learning these tricks. Of course, first learning how to just ride plainly on the sand and then, doing different kinds of skids and the breaks, different kinds of turns."

"And ultimately, no matter what stunts you pull off, you have to make the character come alive. There's body language and everything. So me and my stunt double, we had to work together all the time because there were some shots like riding on top of a very steep Cliff which has only rocks, those things I never did," the actor concluded.

The film, which is a war thriller, has Fazal in his first ever high octane action film. The actor shot the film extensively in the Al Ula region of Saudi Arabia.

Kandahar also stars Gerard Butler, Travis Fimmel and Navid Negahban. The film was released last weekend in North America, with an India release to follow soon.

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