Akshay Kumar Teases fans with OMG 2 Scenes

Directed by Amit Rai, the film releases in theatres on August 11
Akshay Kumar in OMG 2
Akshay Kumar in OMG 2

Akshay Kumar has released a small clip from his film OMG 2 which gives out some details about both his character and the tone of the film. Kumar who plays Lord Shiva’s messenger is a bit of a mystery of what exactly he'll be like.

The clip which the actor posted on his Instagram account shows him in the form of Mahadev sadhu inside a police station where he is telling the officers that he will burn the city if his stuff is not found. In a humorous exchange, he goes on to say that his anger knows no bounds, the last time he was enraged, it took him 13 days to cool down.

The clip is a subtle reference to the term in the Hindu mythology known as ‘Shiva Tandava’ where Lord Shiva was enraged at the death of Sati, who was Lord Shiva’s first wife, later reborn as Parvati. This led him to a violent cosmic dance called ‘Tandava’ to express his grief and rage. In this violent dance he almost consumed the whole cosmos, until his anger cooled down 13 days later.

OMG 2 is directed by Amit Rai and also stars Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam in lead roles alongside a strong supporting cast which includes Pavan Malhotra and Arun Govil. The film releases in theatres on August 11.

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