Adarsh Gourav’s next is an International Project Ridley Scott’s Aliens’ Prequel

Written and directed by Noah Hawley, the prequel will premiere on FX on Hulu
Adarsh Gourav
Adarsh Gourav

Adarsh Gourav will be seen in an international project, Ridley Scott’s Aliens’ prequel. Gourav is off to Thailand to commence filming for the highly anticipated project next week, Aliens', part of Ridley Scott's iconic franchise. The Alien prequel show, helmed by acclaimed writer and director Noah Hawley, unfolds 70 years before the events depicted in the first Alien film released in 1979.

"Embarking on this journey with the Aliens' franchise is a dream come true," expresses Gourav. "To be a part of such a storied and groundbreaking project is an incredible opportunity, and I am thrilled to collaborate with a stellar cast and visionary creators like Noah Hawley and Ridley Scott."

The four-month-long shooting schedule in Thailand will see Adarsh alongside a talented ensemble cast, including Sydney Chandler, Alex Lawther, Samuel Blenkin, and Essie Davis. Ridley Scott, the mastermind behind the Alien legacy, serves as the executive producer, adding his visionary touch to the project.

Set to premiere on FX on Hulu, Aliens unfolds on Earth, a notable departure from the franchise's usual extraterrestrial settings, providing a new layer of intrigue for fans.

"The allure of working on a project of this magnitude, in a picturesque location like Thailand, is truly exhilarating," Gourav adds. "Noah Hawley's creative genius combined with Ridley Scott's legendary touch makes this an extraordinary venture, and I am eager to bring this story to life."

Aliens marks a groundbreaking chapter for the Alien franchise, promising an immersive experience for audiences when it graces screens on FX on Hulu.

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