Top 10 Malayalam Songs of July

From Kanne Kanne from the film Mandharam to Haalu Haalu from Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha, we recap the best Malayalam songs of last month
Top 10 Malayalam Songs of July

From the weekly round-up of new music across languages, we're trying a new, monthly format. The multiplicity of languages remain but with a new form – starting this month, we will have one monthly round-up per language of the 10 best songs you should listen to from the previous month, across Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam (and other languages depending on the kind of music that is available each month).

Also read our lists on the top 10 HindiTamil, Telugu and Kannada songs of July.

01. Kanne Kanne – Mandharam

02. Moovandan Manchottil – Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha

03. Varum Varum – Maradona

04. Neelakaayal – Oru Kaatil Oru Paykappal

05. Bum Bum Bum – Iblis

06. Onnaam Aanikku – Oru Kaatil Oru Paykappal

07. Ee Raavil – Maradona

08. Kaayal Olam – Oru Kaatil Oru Paykappal

09. Haalu Haalu – Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha

10. Chalamelara – Kinavalli

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