Full Soundtracks Of Kaala, Veere Di Wedding And Mehbooba – A Weekly Roundup Of Film Music

It was a busy week for film music across India. We recap the releases of the past week from across languages
Full Soundtracks Of Kaala, Veere Di Wedding And Mehbooba – A Weekly Roundup Of Film Music

Kaala (Tamil/Hindi/Telugu)

It was a busy week for film music across India! The soundtrack of Rajinikanth's next, Kaala, released last week in all 3 languages – Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Composer Santhosh Narayanan's sound is an extension to what he produced for Rajinikanth's earlier film, Kabali. So, 'Bahut Bhaari Hai' ('Semma Weightu' in Tamil) extends Kabali's 'Veeron Ki Bheed Men' ('Veera Thurandhara' in Tamil), with a similar Ilayarajaesque flourish. 'Ik Sar Waale Raavana' ('Katravai Patravai' in Tamil) easily maps to Kabali's explosive 'Aag Hun Main' ('Neruppu Da' in Tamil), with Keba Jeremiah's searing electric guitars replacing Jhanu Chatar's in the former, while 'Sajna' ('Kannamma' in Tamil) mirrors Kabali's 'Taare Saare Chhup Gae' ('Vaanam Paarthen' in Tamil) – both the melodies are equally pensive. Overall, a good follow-up to Kabali by Santhosh Narayanan, using a very similar template. As usual, the Hindi version suffers from force-fitted lyrics, a bane of every dubbed film.

Kaala in Hindi:

Kaala in Tamil:

Veere Di Wedding (Hindi)

The other big soundtrack of the week is the wedding India (well, almost) was talking about – Sonam/Veere Di Wedding! Composer Shashwat Sachdev picks up pace in 'Bass Gira De Raja' in which he drops the bass to great effect, and 'Aa Jao Naa', where lyricist Raj Shekhar's pensive deliberations get a beautifully somber expression from Arijit Singh amidst atmospheric music. Composer Vishal Mishra's 'Veere Veere' is easily the soundtrack's best – bouncy and instantly likeable. Veere Di Wedding is a perfect modern-day Punjabi wedding soundtrack.

Phamous (Hindi)

After Meri Nimmo recently, Krsna Solo has another release in Phamous! The first song, 'Bandook', released last week and Vishal Dadlani is at his usual best, offering his guttural roar for the energetic song that is loaded (pun unintended) with hinterland swag.

The Telugu film music scene saw 2 big soundtracks release last week too – composer Sandeep Chowta's long-awaited comeback in Mehbooba and Malayalam composer Sharreth's Naa Nuvve.

Mehbooba (Telugu)

Sandeep makes a comeback after his outstanding non-film album from 2013, Matters of the Heart. Mehbooba has some very good tunes – 'Oh Priya's minimal mukhda, consisting of 'Oh Priya Na Priya' and 'Mehbooba' is as interesting as the rest of the song that has a slow, somber appeal. 'Naa Pranam's sweeping melody is Varijashree's show, while Ambika Jois beautifully handles the catchy 'Saiyaan', with fantastic guitar work in the antara and smoothly blends in a sufi soundscape. The theme, 'Soul of Mehbooba' offers a lovely mix of Deepak Pandit's violin and Alwyn Fernandes's guitar.

Naa Nuvve (Telugu)

As for Naa Nuvve, Sharreth and director Jayendra produced a phenomenal soundtrack for 180, in 2011. The new soundtrack by the same combo is almost as good, at least in the melodies. In 'Nijama Manasa', Sharreth alternates M.M.Manasi's tantalizingly slow parts with Yazin Nizar's outburst; the mix works beautifully, like Sharreth's own Premika, a searing pathos amidst the aggressive chorus. The soundtrack's best are 'Chiniki Chiniki', an unusual melody that richly rewards investing on the beautifully complex flow, and the title song that Priya Mali holds magnificently with her singing, along with the piano.

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