From Veere Di Wedding To Kaala – A Weekly Roundup Of Film Music

We recap the best film songs of the past week from across languages
From Veere Di Wedding To Kaala – A Weekly Roundup Of Film Music

Veere Di Wedding (Hindi)

With 'Tareefan', we finally and firmly put the Di vs. Ki confusion behind us (Veere Ki Wedding vs. Veere Di Wedding) and groove to composer Qaran Mehta's zingy number. Badshah's rap and the Farah Khan-conceived and directed music video make it all the more better!

Ranangan (Marathi)

From the Marathi film industry, a classic song arrives again with a fresh sound! Composer Bhaskar Chandavarkar's iconic song 'Sakhya Re Ghayal Mee Harini' from the 1975 film Saamna gets a new version with fresh lyrics for the film Ranangan. Composer Rahul Ranade keeps the sound and melody of the classic song intact while sprucing up the backgrounds. There's hardly any point comparing Aanandi Joshi's vocals to Lata Mangeshkar's original, but she does very well within the constraints of a recreation, enough to be the new song's highlight.
The original:

Kaala (Tamil)

In Tamil, we have a hefty new song, literally! 'Semma Weightu' is the first song from Rajinikanth's Kaala. Composer Santhosh Narayanan's music extends seamlessly, and a bit predictably, from Kabali's soundscape with its Tamil Gangsta Rap, though the added Mumbaiya sound adds an interesting new dimension. The clear highlight of the song is Arunraja Kamaraj, Dopeadelicz and Logan's lyrics.

Saakshyam (Telugu)

In Telugu, Arjun Reddy's background music composer Harshavardhan Rameshwar gets his own soundtrack in Saakshyam. The song 'Soundarya Lahari' starts off on a sedate note but Harshvardhan amps up the sound with the first interlude! Jithin is very good with the singing, and Aarthi gives up excellent company with her classical (with the song ending with Thyagaraja's Vandanamu Raghunandana) and semi-classical phrases. Interestingly, the song, released by Times Music South sounds almost like they are trolling Lahari Music, given the repeated 'Lahari' refrain!

Kurumbi (Malayalam)

We had a song called 'Kurumba' for the Tamil film Tik Tik Tik, about a mischievous son (and the bond between the boy and his father). Here's the Malayalam song 'Kurumbi' from Kaamuki, about a mischievous daughter! Sung delightfully by 12-year old Sreya Jayadeep, the song and the video offer a wonderful peek into the life of a child, seen from her perspective. Gopi Sundar's music is simple and hummable, with a catchy 'Kurumbi' hook.

Avengers: Infinity War (English)

Since we have covered music from the states in India, how about going beyond? No, not just outside India, but beyond space! Unless you are living under a rock, the biggest buzz last week was the release of Bollywood's Baahubali, Avengers: Infinity War! And the song Peter Quill and his fellow Guardians of the Galaxy were introduced to, in the film, has an interesting backstory as much as it oozes 70s soul coolth and becomes the song that you'd search online as soon as you finish watching the film. The song, 'Rubberband Man', by the 60s R&B Soul vocal group The Spinners, was originally called 'The Fat Man'. And in the movie, Rocket tells Star-Lord that he is 'one sandwich short of fat' while Drax agrees that Star-Lord has put on weight too (don't worry – that's not a spoiler)! That's the second weight-related song this week, and linking both, you almost wish the Avengers sought Rajinikanth's help to defeat Thanos.

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