Sreekar Prasad On What Excites Him About Director Ram’s Films

The ace editor speaks about collaborating with the director, and why he looks at his vision as one of the most original in the industry
Sreekar Prasad On What Excites Him About Director Ram’s Films

Editor Sreekar Prasad has collaborated with some of the most prominent filmmakers across industries. And when it comes to Tamil, one of his favourite collaborators is director Ram. In an interview with Krishna, the celebrated technician elaborates on what excites him about Ram’s brand of films. 

His stories are always bursting with originality, says Prasad, who has collaborated with the filmmaker in movies such as Kattradhu Thamizh (2007), Thanga Meengal (2013), and Taramani (2017). “Whatever films I have done with him have excited me. Even if we are not working together on a film, we still keep in touch. And I see his films and give him feedback.”

The filmmaker also manages to always tell something to the society in his own way, he says. “There is an expression of anguish in his films, which is very exciting.” Speaking about their first film together, Prasad says, “Katradhu Tamizh had a completely non-linear narrative. But I was very happy with the film because he (Ram) shot exactly what he narrated to me. When he told me the story, it was quite hard-hitting. And when he shot the film, he retained the same tone. The romance and climax in the film are beautifully done.”

The editor then goes on to describe his favourite scene in the film. “There is this scene where he (Jiiva) speaks to a software engineer. That is my favourite scene because it depicted real anguish. It is a reflection of society. There are so many people in the society who feel the same way as him. Whether you are making it dramatic or believe it is correct or not, it is so relevant. That scene was beautifully expressed.” But the film didn’t get its due at the time of release, he says.

 “Unfortunately, people at the time weren't ready to appreciate the film. It never got its due as well. It did not run well in the theatres and because of this, the film was not sent to festivals as well. But 15 years later, it has become a cult movie. It is a film that a lot of cinema lovers enjoy. But the film could've gone to festivals and made an impact across countries. But that didn't happen.”

Director Ram’s next will be Yezhu Kadal Yezhu Malai, starring Nivin Pauly, Anjali and Soori.

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