Director Nelson Sir Is Like Family to Me: Kavin

The Dada actor speaks about self-belief, hard work and good friends who have helped him become successful
Director Nelson Sir Is Like Family to Me: Kavin

Actor Kavin is being showered with praise over his portrayal of a college student embracing fatherhood in his latest Dada. This romantic drama marked the actor's return to the big screen (his previous film Lift was an OTT release) after a gap of four years. In a conversation with Krishna, the actor shares that he remained motivated despite the lack of work during that phase. "I had this confidence that something would work at some point. And I constantly worked on it. Our confidence is our fuel. It's our faith that keeps us going every day. So the lack of work didn't affect me to a large extent."

Director Nelson Sir Is Like Family to Me: Kavin
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But when he faces setbacks, he believes good company helps him tide over disappointments. “It’s impossible not to feel disappointed at some point. When we are down, we need to have the support of our friends around us. And the place where we work also motivates us. Back in the day, I was working as an assistant director in Nelson sir’s office and the people I met there really helped me.” 

He further credits Beast director Nelson for reposing faith in him and expressing encouragement when he was at his lowest. “Nelson sir has done a lot for me. It is extremely personal and I cannot put it across in words. But I would like to say that he is not just a mentor, he has always been like a family to me. When we are down, we need someone to say those encouraging words to get back up on our feet, and he has given me that. So, it is beyond any other opportunity he could have given me.”

Looking back on his journey, Kavin says “It has taken close to 12 years for me to become successful in cinema. It’s very important to have hope and faith. We must believe in ourselves even if others don’t believe in us. And what we learn during that waiting period is significant. Along with that self-belief, if we work sincerely, I am sure things will work out.”

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