Jr. NTR On His Most Challenging Scene In SS Rajamouli’s RRR

The actor talks about a scene from the film that he would cherish for a very long time
Jr. NTR On His Most Challenging Scene In SS Rajamouli’s RRR

RRR's success at the box office is for all to see, rather gawk at. The SS Rajamouli film, released last week, is garnering applause from the world over, as it steadily charts its own numeric history. Jr. NTR, who plays the strong yet vulnerable Komaram Bheem in the film, talks about that one sequence he found to be the most challenging, and rewarding, for him as an actor.


Anupama Chopra: The last time we had talked, you had told me that it felt like you had prepped all your career to play Bheem. I didn't really understand what that meant, but now that I've seen the movie, I know what you said. Was there a specific scene or sequence that you found really difficult? What was the most challenging in this three-hour epic?

Jr. NTR: I think shooting for this song called 'Komuram Bheemudo' was really challenging. I think I'm going to cherish that particular song for a very long time as an actor. It's that innocence he [Bheem, his character in RRR] carries in that song. He hails from a forest, he's a tribal and hasn't seen the "well-developed humans" by then. That's how tribals are. They're very innocent, almost as innocent as animals. They are very strong when they are in their turf, in their region of knowledge. Call it the forest, he's very strong there, but when you put him into this world of humans, he's very innocent. For the first time, his innocence, his trust has been broken, so he has so much of a hatred towards humans. He still loves his innocence, of what his tribe has given him. He is exploding his emotions out but he's also getting tired with all the flogging. He's mentally tired, he's physically tired, and yet, there is this strong will that he should not put his knee down – not in front of the British, but in front of these humans. That was the expression. I think I really am going to treasure that song for a very long time. That was the toughest and my most favourite moment of RRR.

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