We Were One Of The First Movies To Go Back On Set Before Vaccinations: Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson on Red Notice

Red Notice, starring Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds will stream on Netflix on November 12.
We Were One Of The First Movies To Go Back On Set Before Vaccinations: Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson on Red Notice

Both Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson have played career defining roles — with Fast And Furious and Wonder Woman. How does one top that? By folding oneself into the myth. To, as Gadot says, "bring something special and happy, to entertain or inspire people." 

Gadot described Red Notice as somewhere between the edgy comedy of Austin Powers and the lush, dramatic thrills of the older Bonds. Together, along with Ryan Reynolds, Gadot and Johnson wrote their iconic persona into their characters, almost as if the roles were written for them. Gadot and Reynolds play competing art thieves and Johnson, an FBI profiler in pursuit of the two of them. 

In a Netflix roundtable, edited for clarity and length, both Gadot and Johnson speak about the experience of shooting the film during the pandemic, getting the stunts wrong, and the dance right. 

Red Notice releases on Netflix on November 12th. 

Is there anything you performed in this movie — stunts or otherwise — that you have never attempted before? 

GG: I have danced in movies before but never done a walk-and-talk while dancing. This time I got to walk and talk and dance. It was quite challenging to catch my breath every time. But it was a lot of fun. 

DJ: I had never danced before. They wanted to create this beautiful dance sequence that was sexy and charged. It is like the good guy and the bad girl coming together, knowing at any time it could explode. 

How would you describe the dynamics between you three? 

GG: Pure fun! The biggest challenge I had was to not break takes. Ryan oh Ryan! He was looking and went for every opportunity to break us. We were laughing a lot! 

DJ: Guilty! With Ryan he doesn't crack and holds onto the scene, while Gal and I can't keep face for long. We ruined many many many takes. 

You both said yes right away to this project. What about it spoke to you with such immediacy?  

GG: I just loved the story and everyone involved. DJ and I connected 10 years ago on the Fast and Furious franchise and were looking to do something to connect ever since. This was the perfect one. Rawson Thurber wrote a super thrilling, funny, fun script with many twists and turns. 

DJ: They pitched it. It was fantastic. I was in. Of course I wanted to work with Gal again, especially at this stage of her career where she's sitting on top (points to the ceiling). We had worked together in Fast And Furious as well …  

GG: When my career was right here (laughs, pointing at the floor)

DJ: So … Here we are! 

What was the most challenging action sequence? Any injuries on set? 

DJ: She did! She got a cut and there was blood everywhere. 

GG: Yes! The scene where I kick the handcuffs and the boys go head to head… I went all in and I cut my toe. But hey! It worked! 

Anything memorable from this film you will take back, something to remember ten years from now? 

GG: This movie was the first DJ and I had shot during the pandemic. We were one of the first movies to go back on set, before vaccinations or anything. And I got to say, the hearts that everyone gave and that they were willing to go back when there were so many question marks and uncertainties really moved me. It just goes to show how much people love what they do, that it is about art and storytelling. 

DJ: We were all challenged. For us going onset, we had a 1000 crew members who came together to make a great movie and deliver it.

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