Rani On How Being Directed By Kamal Haasan Changed Her As A Performer

While working on Hey Ram in 2000, Haasan pushed her to appear on-screen without make-up or heels to make her taller
Rani On How Being Directed By Kamal Haasan Changed Her As A Performer

Actress Rani Mukerji has had a career in the movies that has spanned over 21 years and 43 films. While looking back at her long journey, the actress credits directors Kamal Haasan and Mani Ratnam with helping her evolve as a performer. She worked with Haasan in Hey Ram in 2000 where he was both her co-star and director. "It was a great experience because they start sharp at 6 AM and there is a bell that rings at 5'o clock for pack up," she says. At our FC Unfiltered conversation with the actress, she recounts being directed by the legendary actor.

"When I worked with Kamal Haasan, I just was in awe of his craft. At that point in time where everybody was caking up with make-up, he was the first director of mine who said 'go wash your face and come'. I went back to the make-up room and I tried to be over smart – I just wiped out a little bit and went back and said 'see, I have removed it'. He was like wash your face and come. I remember I asked him five times if I really had to wash my face? And  he said, 'Yes with soap'. Then when he realised I used to wear these platform slippers to look tall he said, 'Why are you wearing these slippers? You have to be tall with your achievements and performance.' That's when I realised that these expectations from an actor or an actress to look gorgeous, be tall and have a great figure are all the bonuses that come with your job because you have to look good for the audience. First you have to know how to act, first you have to know your craft."

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