Missing Fawad Khan After Ms. Marvel?, Film Companion

Ms. Marvel may well be losing the plot, but on the plus side, thanks to this show, we got to see Fawad Khan on screen after a long time and in case you were wondering, he got a lot more screen time than Farhan Akhtar. This week, Khan joined the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) as Kamala’s grandfather and confirmed that not only humans, but even djinns cannot resist his charms. The episode also made us feel nostalgic about our conversation with the Pakistani actor, which took place right after his MCU debut had been announced. Listen to Khan talk about his upcoming Zindagi series on Zee5 — which wrapped up shooting in March this year — in which he reunites with his Zindagi Gulzar Hai co-star, Sanam Saeed, after eight years. He also said he misses Mumbai and spoke about how artistic collaborations can help bridge the divides between countries.


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