Tovino interivew

If one looks at your career, you’re someone who got to play all kinds of roles, starting from small character roles, villains to finally becoming the hero. This has given you the chance to act alongside several top actors. What are some of the qualities you have noticed in them? Also, what are their best performances?

To start with, which is your favourite Mohanlal film?

I think if we start talking about his best, I don’t think our conversation will end today. But my favourite film of his is Devasuram (1992). It’s a cult classic. Talking about some his qualities, I feel he has many traits that one should emulate. To start with, it’s how he never complains…even if the director is making his first film. He’s not the kind of actor who goes back to his caravan after a shot. He has the excitement and sincerity of a first timer. Even the attention he pays to maintain continuity…he doesn’t have to take that kind of effort because he’s one of the biggest stars in India. But he continues to do it and that’s the difference.


He’s someone I’m fond of like an older brother. The similarity I find in these people is their passion towards cinema. He’s a good technician as well…someone who knows all the different crafts in a film set. This is something you’ll only find in people like Mel Gibson and Kamal Haasan. That’s why I’m really looking forward to Lucifer, the film he is directing, which I’m also a part of.

As an actor, I think his performance in Chakram in very interesting. It’s not easy to play such a mature role when you’re so young. Then there are his roles in Ayalum Njanum Thammil and Memories.

Manju Warrier?

I interact with her like I’m talking to a cousin. She’s very sweet. She’s also from Thrissur, like me. We went for an award function recently and we were all like a family. Of her roles, I really like Summer In Bethlehem and Kanmadam. Even her roles now are no different. Whatever she does, she does it well.

Dulquer Salmaan?

He’s a really good friend. Earlier, we didn’t find many common topics to talk about. His love for cars for instance…it’s not an interest I share. But now we’ve found a topic.  We’re both enthusiastic fathers and we’re always talking about our kids.

Talking about his performances, I feel he was really good in Kammattipadam and O Kadhal Kanmani. There are many other movies to add to that list. He is someone who is constantly working hard and improving. I’ll never be able to speak so many languages like he does. That’s something really commendable about him. Among the youngsters, it’s only Prithviraj and Dulquer who have managed to act in so many languages and have done well. They’re the ambassadors of today’s Malayalam cinema.


I met her first during the shoot of Ennu Ninte Moideen. I think she’s one of the best artistes we have today. She’s amazing and she’s sensible.  She’s not overtly dramatic and she says everything to your face. My favourite performance of Parvathy’s is Take Off.


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