Katrina Kaif On Having Fun On Social Media With Her Mop Reviews

The actress on her hectic schedule pre-lockdown and finally getting time to herself
Katrina Kaif On Having Fun On Social Media With Her Mop Reviews

Actress Katrina Kaif recently spoke to Film Companion editor Anupama Chopra about how she's keeping herself busy during the lockdown, and finally taking a break from her otherwise hectic schedule. Excerpts from the conversation:

You're having fun on social media with your dishwashing tutorials and mop reviews.

The mop review was one of the funniest posts  I have ever done. It came from my heart. It was a genuine good lesson because I don't think a lot of us really pay attention to how  our house is being cleaned. We have amazing house staff who are normally here. I just love them and trust them. But when they weren't there all of a sudden, I was like, 'Okay, where is everything? What do we do? How do we do this?' And you slowly figure it out. 

This was an experiment on which broom works better. There is one person who comes in from time to time with groceries and and he has been with me for years. Even he mentioned that 'no, no the floor is not being cleaned properly'. So then we changed the mop and that was the day that the new mop came with the spinning thing and I was  like 'alright, this is interesting'. 

How do you feel when you're not constantly occupied?

Let me give you a normal run down of my average day. I would have woken up and rushed to the gym and inevitably Yasmin (Karachiwala, her trainer) would be yelling at me because I am late. You rush back home where I have my  my hairdresser and my makeup artist Danny who is inevitably yelling at me for being late in coming back. I rush into the shower, then I rush out and sit on makeup chair, and then we go blah blah blah for the whole makeup time. Then you go do whatever work it is we are doing for that day where you are surrounded by 40 – 50 people. You're constantly going chitter chatter, having a good time, and come back home inevitably late for something.

You may meet your friend or have a meeting or a narration and you rush until you speak to your friends in the night. And then you rush to bed and wake up really early in the morning. So there really isn't much time for pause in our normal lives and now you're kind of thinking that this is what being with yourself feels like. 

Have you enjoyed it?

Some days I find it immensely peaceful and then there are some days that are hard. I think there are some days that you are missing your friends and family and that human connection. I imagine it is the same for everybody.

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