Kareena Kapoor Khan On Wanting To Edit Saif’s Memoirs, And Working Through Her Pregnancy

The actress on finishing Lal Singh Chaddha before she "gets too big" and why she's "petrified" about her husband's book
Kareena Kapoor Khan On Wanting To Edit Saif’s Memoirs, And Working Through Her Pregnancy

Even as Kareena Kapoor Khan recently announced her pregnancy, the actress has continued to cautiously work through the pandemic. Her first priority is to finish Aamir Khan's Forrest Gump adaptation Lal Singh Chaddha before she "gets too big". She's already looking at potential web shows she would like to star in post delivery. And to add to this, she wants to edit husband Saif Ali Khan's memoirs because she's "petrified" of how much he'll reveal.

Film Companion editor spoke to the actress before her 40th birthday to chat about how she's doing it all. Edited excerpts from the conversation:

Anupama Chopra: You said you've been trying to finish up work. Are you talking about Lal Singh Chaddha?

Kareena Kapoor Khan: Yes, that's on priority because before the lockdown we had planned the last schedule of the film. I have about 12 to 15 days of work left on that movie and then Aamir (Khan) continues to shoot. Aamir was kind enough to let me finish my work first. Right now my aim is to finish off my shoot before it gets too late and I get too huge. Now I am trying to monitor what I'm eating. I don't want to do what I did last time. That was hysterical!

AC: What did you do last time?

KKK: Last time I kind of became huge! I just took myself for granted and put on 25 kgs. I don't want to do that. I want to be healthy and fit.

AC: From your Instagram handle, it feels like you are really busy and are shooting for brands, etc everyday

KKK: Yes! I think people who know me know I love working and that I enjoy doing my work. I think I can give focussed time to Taimur and Saif as well when I work. Of course, I know it's a different time now, but I think with utmost precaution, one has to take risks. I want to finish my commitments and I want to work a little bit but I don't want to go to a brunch or a social event or meet my friends at a party. I don't want to celebrate my birthday. I would sacrifice Diwali and just bring it in with Taimur and Saif. I wouldn't put my mum at risk.

AC: Saif is writing his autobiography and I read something where the publisher said it would be a no-holds barred account. I was wondering how that was going to work because all of you'll are public figures.

KKK: I am petrified for Saif. When he told me, I was like, 'Do not be politically incorrect. You have to know what to say'. I am scared for him and I think I've told him that I am going to edit this book before. But Saif has had such an amazing journey. I made this video on him for his 50th birthday, it was 22 minutes long and when I was putting it together I realised this is not just about films. His whole life has been such a brilliant journey. There is so much to say and such fun things to talk about. He's not just experienced a life in the movies. He's been to school in England, stayed in Delhi, then he came to Bombay. A bit which actually nobody really talks about is his struggle in the early 90s and that he did not know how to speak Hindi. It's going to be an interesting read. 

AC: Is there any update on Takht? You were so excited about the role. 

KKK: I wonder what's going to happen. I hope Karan (Johar) makes that film someday. It would've been amazing because I have never done a period film before. But I think it's definitely in the back burner with the kind of budgets it needs and the 300-400 day shoots. But he has the script written and I am sure he'll pull it out at the right time and I'm sure it will be great.

AC: Are you reading scripts right now?

KKK: Yes, from films to web shows. I will do something for sure post-summer next year. The plan is that. Like even after Taimur, I came back pretty fast. I've been getting a lot of offers for digital shows and I am really keen to do one. And Saif says it's really difficult. The kind of performance required is different from what we do on screen. There have been such great shows. From Mirzapur to Sacred Games to Delhi Crime and Pataal Lok… So to pick the right one is going to be difficult but I'm hoping to do a show in 2021 for sure.

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