The Acting Process Matters Only If The Audience Receives A Film Well: Achyuth Kumar

"Without the audience's love and acceptance, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to get so many opportunities," says the actor
Achyuth Kumar
Achyuth KumarFilm Companion Interview

Achyuth Kumar has been part of some of the best Kannada films in the past decade. Be it the role of a restrained Chief Minister Guru Pandian playing the political game in the KGF series, or of a smooth-talking fisherman in Ulidavaru Kandanthe, or the repulsive landlord in Kantara (2022), Achyuth Kumar makes sure his presence is felt in his films.

He has acted in plays and serials, and is now busy with films, with his latest release being Raghavendra Stores. But, he sees “being busy” as part of the acting process. “I believe that there are two types of practices involved in acting,” he says. “One is the training you give your body and mind to act, and the other is the preparation you do for the character. In the film medium, you prepare by keeping your health intact, both physical and mental, as well as by being busy playing roles. A musician has to practise for hours every day to become an expert. Actors are busy playing roles and that becomes their practice for acting.”

Achyuth Kumar in KGF
Achyuth Kumar in KGF

While he has been part of big-budget commercial entertainers, he has also played pivotal roles in smaller films such as last year’s Sakutumba Sametha. His simplistic acting choice as the protagonist's father Satyamurthy, was lauded by audiences.

“I do not believe in the acting metre concept,” he opines when asked about how he chooses to play a certain role, “There is no such thing as overacting, underacting or playing it somewhere in the middle. I feel it depends on the way the story is told. A director decides the narration pattern of the story. If you, as a director, want to tell a story about a king and his children who conquer many kingdoms, you decide the tone of the narration. You will decide if you are telling a story of bravery, or if you want to narrate it as a mystery. The actors follow this tone accordingly. I believe that a metre in acting depends mostly on the director.”

Achyuth Kumar in Kantara
Achyuth Kumar in Kantara

He is grateful that the audiences have accepted him so well. “People have definitely looked after me lovingly. Without their love and acceptance, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to get so many opportunities. Actually, I believe that society has a need for someone like Dr Rajkumar or Rajinikanth or Amitabh Bachchan to be born and to be such influential members of society. Society has wished for the existence of such figures and has somehow manifested such personalities. There is a lot of truth in the way these stars see their audience and are grateful for them. Without their love, it is not possible for actors like us to thrive in the industry. They wish to see us more and hence, we get opportunities. There is no point in talking about our acting processes and methods in a vacuum. If it does not reach the audience and they do not receive it well, there is no point in the process.”

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