I Never Act Off Screen: Darshan Thoogudeepa On The Life Of A Mass Hero

Darshan speaks about his journey from a dubbing engineer to mass hero and the need to be transparent with the fans
Darshan Thoogudeepa
Darshan ThoogudeepaFilm Companion Interview

Darshan Thoogudeepa, who was recently seen in the action drama Kranti, is one of the biggest mass heroes in Kannada cinema. Fondly called DBoss, he is all about the larger-than-life elements, mass and action on-screen. But off the screen, he is quite casual and candid. “Never act off screen,” the actor reveals his secret mantra of being a mass hero among the masses. 

“People will know when you are acting off the screen. I have seen people hide their cigarettes and alcohol the moment a fan approaches them. I never try to hide all that. They would have seen me smoking or drinking somewhere outside,” says the actor. He believes that people can see through and know that they are acting with them and so it is best to be yourself. “I have been very transparent about it. I drink, I smoke, I go to pubs.”

Darshan Thoogudeepa in Majestic
Darshan Thoogudeepa in Majestic

Today, many people know him as the “challenging star” who is enjoying the stardom and films that come his way. However, he juggled different roles including dubbing engineer, model and light technician before making his debut as a lead in the gangster drama Majestic (2002). “There was hunger. We had to run our household. I was the only earning member of the family after my father’s death, so I went for any work that came along,” recalls the actor. During those days, when he was struggling to find a breakthrough, he says he needed a lot of motivation to push himself towards betterment. “So, when I see a lighting technician or spot boy who seems to be enthusiastic about camera work or something, I motivate them. I needed that motivation and they need it too,” he says.  

Over the years, the actor has given us many memorable films which have powered his graph upward. Darshan says, “I never chose these roles. I was just happy that I got the role and did it.” So he grabbed every opportunity he got. “None of the films were planned. I think the choice comes only as time passes. My father used to say that whenever the Goddess of opportunity comes knocking, just take her and keep her. Never let go of an opportunity,” the actor concludes. 

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