Just One Question: Radhika Apte

We asked the Ghoul actress how she reacted to the online debate over whether there was 'too much' of her on screen this year
Just One Question: Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte's had not one, but three Netflix projects this year. She's starred in Lust StoriesSacred Games and will be seen in the upcoming GhoulWhen the trailer for the miniseries dropped, responses swiftly turned to whether audiences were seeing 'too much' of the actress this year.

The backlash was just as swift, with some even terming the statement sexist and saying actors were rarely, if ever, questioned for starring in multiple films within a short span.

We asked Radhika how she reacted to this online debate and to the memes that went viral. Here's what she said: 

"Having three releases in one year wasn't by design. When we were shooting Lust Stories, it wasn't a Netflix film. Ghoul was shot as a film two years ago. It was only Sacred Games that was a Netflix project. So this was a good coincidence. I am very happy that it panned out like this because it has given me a lot of attention without asking for it.

The Twitter debate was ridiculous. I don't read anything about me on the Internet so I did not even know that I was trending. It so happened that two people messaged me and in conversation they said, "Listen we don't think there's too much of you, okay?" That's how I found out. I thought it was ridiculous. You can't be trolled for working. 

I loved this one meme. So, I always get irritated when someone asks a question, right? So the meme said, "Radhika's face is like the sixth pani puri has been served and she is waiting for the dry pani puri. I thought it was so good."

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