How Fahadh Faasil Shot C U Soon At His Home During Lockdown

Shot in iPhones, the film directed by Mahesh Narayanan releases on Amazon Prime Video on September 1
How Fahadh Faasil Shot C U Soon At His Home During Lockdown

Filmmaker Mahesh Narayanan's  (Take OffC U Soon is an experimental film shot on iPhones during the lockdown period. The film takes off from the early days of a love story between the characters played by Darshana Rajendran (MayanadhiVirus) and Roshan Mathew (Moothon, Choked). It stars Fahadh Faasil as well, who is also the film's producer. In an interview with Anupama Chopra, the actors speak about how they shot this film. The film streams of Amazon Prime Video from September 1.

Edited Excerpt:

Anupama Chopra: Tell me about the logistics. There was a 32-person crew and Fahadh you'll shot in your building, right?

Fahadh Faasil: Yes, yes. My neighbours don't know about it. What we did was we sort of rented 6 apartments in the same building. Primarily, I didn't want anyone to risk their health. I remember the day we decided to start shooting, I woke up in the morning and I stayed in my bed for 5 more minutes and I asked myself, 'what the hell am I doing?' I mean there's a pandemic going around! So I wanted to make sure everyone was healthy and safe. Also a film like this, I don't think it would be possible with the actors being together. This is a very emotional film and for actors to respond I think its very important to actually feel the pace of the other actor.

Anupama Chopra: How lovely. Roshan what was that like for you?

Roshan Mathew: There was also a curfew happening. So without moving into the same building, it really would have been difficult for us to. But more than that it's exactly what Fahadh said right now. For me, initially it was really scary to not have the other actor to look at and play with and respond to. But then he would be there or Darshana would be there in the same space, somewhere the camera can't catch them but I can hear them. It's only through listening to that do you get what they're doing or how they are feeling or how they doing it.

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