How Does Sivakarthikeyan Calculate His Salary?

One of the fastest rising stars of Tamil cinema lets us in on his business model
How Does Sivakarthikeyan Calculate His Salary?

You've become a star in just five years. I'm guessing new directors must be afraid to approach you now given how high your salary must have become. If a director pitches a script that requires you to take a pay cut, would you be willing to do it?

I don't think new directors need to worry about that. In fact, I think it would be easier for them if they come to me with good content because then it's double the profit for producers. I did Remo with a first time director. My next, a science fiction film, is with R. Ravikumar who has done just one film.

How I fix my salary is based on the budget of the film. In fact, I reduced my salary for Velaikkaran because its budget was close to how much my films earn. The producer must make a profit no matter what…that is my business model.

You're an actor who predominantly makes big entertainment films. But there are many newcomers making films and shows just for the digital space. Do you see such platforms as a threat to your kind of films, which are best enjoyed in theatres?

I don't think so. Theatres will always survive. Even in the West, where they are leagues ahead, theatres are still full and running. I see it this way, there's a stat that says only one crore people watch films in Tamil Nadu.  That's make it just one of 10 people. Even if another one crore people start watching films because of the web space, then it's only going to get better for our films. There are so many countries where our films don't find a release yet…these digital platforms will take it there as well.

Theatres will not get disturbed by that, because the mood there is different. It's a celebration and it's a culture. No matter who sits next to you, what language he speaks or what religion he follows, everyone is the same inside a theatre.

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