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Post the release of Tinder's short film, 'We Need To Talk- A Film About Consent', Taapsee Pannu and filmmaker Sonam Nair are on Film Companion's Front Row to discuss the changing face of consent in society, how consent in cinema has evolved over time and how artists can help change the narrative.

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Watch Tinder's new film We Need To Talk directed by Sonam Nair: https://youtu.be/xO2r8wVDp44

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Time Stamps:

00:00 Promo

00:35 Statistical data about Consent

03:10 The challenges faced during the making of the short film

04:45 Bollywood Romance and its impact on society

06:44 Violation of Consent across the gender spectrum

08:00 The rules of consent

09:20 Do you feel the film Pink made a difference?

13:42 Not villainizing men in the short film was important

15:52 Women's portrayal in Hindi Cinema

19:58 The social responsibility of cinema

24:52 The extremes of Masculinity and Femininity

27:42 Cinema represents the society of that time

30:17 Q&A with the Audience

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