FC Checks In: How Darshan Raval Is Dealing With Social Distancing

Artists are now staring at an indefinite break wherein they don’t know when they’ll be on a film set again. FC checks in to see what they’re up to
FC Checks In: How Darshan Raval Is Dealing With Social Distancing

The film industry has come to a complete standstill over fears of the Coronavirus. Artists are now staring at an indefinite break wherein they don't know when they'll be on a film set again. Many are using this forced break to spend time with family, catch up on movies and TV shows, and entertain people on Instagram. This week we spoke to singer Darshan Raval, one of the artists on the roster of MTV Beats' recent string of daily performances on InstaLive, on how he's dealing with social distancing.

What's your mind space right now? 

My mind space right now is that I have a lot of time for myself. For these 21 days, I am just going to be with myself. I am going to create more music, more super hit songs and each song has to be better than the other. 

How can art save us from the gloominess outside? 

I think the more we spend time with ourselves, the more we should involve ourselves in the art. That way our mindset won't be distracted because it is a very negative time and mind space for everybody. So the more we don't think about it and the more we focus on our art, I think it is gonna help. 

How do you stay creatively motivated at times like this – when you don't know when you'll perform again? 

By not thinking too much about what is going to happen and being present. Right now, the only focus is to stay at home and not step out for my own self as well for others. It's ok, I don't want to know when I am going to shoot or perform. I just want to make songs and I have time for myself. 

Are there things that you've put off for a while that you hope to do now? 

I think I am going to watch a lot of TV. Usually, while I'm working or travelling for concerts, I don't get time to watch things. So I am going to be watching a lot of movies and series. 

What's on your binge list? 

Special Ops on Hotstar is on my binge list right now. 

World over film shoots are stalled, theatres shut, releases are pushed, daily wage workers are under threat – what worries you most about how the industry will brave this storm?

I know there are a lot of problems everywhere, in every industry, in every field. And the most difficult situation is for the people who are below the poverty line and for those who earn every day and are daily workers. But, I think we need to be strong and help each other as much as we can. That is on the people who are well to do and can do something to help others. Apart from that, we just have to stay strong and pray to God that this finishes soon. 

There's a general sense of panic and anxiety in the air. Is there anything you recommend people watch or listen to calm their nerves? 

You just do what makes you feel good. Some people write, some people sing. Try to learn one new ability or one new art form if you don't have anything specific you want to do. Try and learn something new, I think that way you won't focus and listen to the negative thoughts. 

Lastly, for people constantly in the public eye, is there any silver lining to this forced social distancing?

I think for people in the public eye, right now nothing matters. Right now no one is famous. 

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