Cannes 2019: ‘Nick Understands What It Takes To Have The Careers We Do,’ Says Priyanka Chopra, Film Companion

Anupama Chopra: When we had talked a couple of years ago, I had asked you, ‘What have you had to give up to create this incredible global career?’ and you had said, ‘My life’.

Priyanka Chopra: Yeah, I had said that.

AC: But now that you’re married, are you still willing to give up your life?

PC: Well, the good thing is that I married a guy who works just as much as me. So it’s great. Our schedules match perfectly, we meet for two days and then we go away.

AC: But how do they match?

PC: That’s on our teams. Bichaare, unki badi samasya hain. Woh baithke diaries dekhte hain, ki tum kahan ho, yeh kahaan hain? But the best thing about getting married to a man like Nick (Jonas) is that he understands what it takes to have the careers that we do. I mean, his career is literally longer than mine, he’s been in the business for almost 21-20 years. He knows what it takes, he knows the sacrifices that it took for him and his family also to be where they are.

I remember on our second or third date or something I was doing this big meeting with my team from India. This was in LA – my team from India and my team from America both had come down. And we were on a boat with a bunch of our friends, it was Memorial Day weekend. And all our friends were like, ‘Why do you have to go? Don’t go for work now. Chutti hai.’ So I was like trying to maaro hints that if someone gives me a reason to not…to cancel my meeting, I’ll cancel it. He’s (Nick) ignoring it and I was getting like, ‘Didn’t he hear me?’ I was like, ‘Well…you know…if someone gives me a reason…’ and he’s ignoring me again. Finally, the third time he took me aside and he said, ‘I’m not stupid. I just want you to know, I know how hard you work to be where you are. If you could have cancelled your meeting, you would have done it. Can you cancel your meeting?’ So I said, ‘I shouldn’t’. He said, ‘Then don’t. I’m going to take our friends out for dinner, we’ll wait for you. Finish and come back’. You know, I sat back when I was driving to my meeting. I said, he’s hosting our friends, waiting for me to finish, and come back. And that’s when I knew.

AC: That’s a keeper.

PC: That’s a keeper. He knows how much it takes.

Cannes 2019: ‘Nick Understands What It Takes To Have The Careers We Do,’ Says Priyanka Chopra, Film Companion

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