Taapsee Pannu: I Am Not Going To Post Perfect Pictures Of Myself Because I Am Not Perfect, Film Companion

Taapsee Pannu is known for being an outspoken actress. In a conversation for Idea 4G Meri Real Life, she spoke to us about always keeping it real and why she doesn’t get bogged down by the pressure of getting likes on social media:

Anupama Chopra: You said that you did earlier feel the pressure to be perfect, but now as you get more and more successful and on a platform like Instagram, do you not feel, “I need to look better than this?” I look at actors’ pictures and they look perfect. They’re in gyms doing stuff I can’t dream about. So what is the pressure of that?

Taapsee Pannu: I want to better myself for myself. Not because I’ll get more likes on Instagram. I’ve heard horror stories of girls trying to ape an actress’ picture just so that they get more likes and how it is all about how many likes you get.

AC: It’s all about the approval, yeah.

TP: So you are waiting for validation, you are probably not even a public figure. For us at least, it matters because these people are going to buy our tickets. So for us it matters how many people are liking us or not, but for regular jobs, why does it matter so much that you go under stress and horror that you’re not getting enough likes. I just feel so sad. So I heard such stories and that was also instrumental in making me realise that I am not going to post perfect pictures of myself because I am not perfect. Sometimes when I do a magazine shoot, because they give me pictures which are so well-lit, it looks perfect. But I share a lot of real pictures of mine, which are far from perfect, which I need to make people realise, ‘Okay, I can look like this and still be good at my job.’ And they can still survive or live, be happy. It’s okay.

AC: Something like this lovely picture?

TP: For some reason, I have my sweaty towel on my shoulder.

AC: And you said, “Never thought sweating will be so much fun.” Do you think about what you’re putting out there or is it just spontaneous?

TP: It is spontaneous, I am spontaneous in life, very impulsive most of the time. And whenever I think of Instagram, it’s mostly something where I feel that I should share pictures of my real life. Other pictures, anyway the media is doing the job of putting out other pictures which are properly edited. So on Instagram also if you’re going to keep seeing those perfect pictures, then what’s the difference between my Instagram and a media house’s Instagram where they are posting perfect pictures? So I’d rather post these because this is my connect to my audience and I think they’ve received it pretty well. I think I get more likes on my ‘regular’ not-so-perfect pictures than other pictures actually. I don’t know if they’re laughing at me.

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