Santhosh Narayanan, Vada Chennai, MSV, Vetrimaaran

Vada Chennai is your 25th film. The song ‘Kaarkuzhal Kadavaiye’ from the album is very language-intense with a formal musical structure. It’s unlike the other songs in the film which tend to be more casual Tamil songs. I heard that you insisted on such a track being added to the album. Why was that?

The language that’s used in Vada Chennai is more spoken…it comes from the homes and lives of people around North Chennai. As an album, I wanted to unify all my listeners. I have also used parts of the song in the score, especially the flute.

I’ve always wanted to record the flute in a song that will justify its place. I didn’t want it merely as a BGM or an intro that keeps repeating. I wanted the song itself to repeat. Luckily, the song is called ‘Kaarkuzhal Kadavaie’, which I interpreted as a flute….I think Vada Chennai, especially its themes are my tribute to MS Viswanathan, who I regard as one of the greatest composers.

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