Rani Mukerji Interview with Anupama Chopra | Hichki

After Mardaani, actress Rani Mukerji is set to return to the screen next year with her film Hichki. In this interview she tells us why she's always been fearless in picking her roles, the young directors she hopes to work with and why her husband Aditya Chopra will never make a film with her. She also speaks about how motherhood has changed her as an actress.
Rani Mukerji Interview with Anupama Chopra | Hichki

Being Fearless

Being fearless is in my blood. Not only with respect to my career choices but even having a baby at an older age is quite a fearless decision.

An Actor's Responsibility

I did some films that I didn't enjoy. That's when I realised that we actors have a huge responsibility towards our fans. I sat at home for 8 months. I decided I'm not going to work till I get something I like. That's when Saathiya happened and I realised the importance for an actor to do something they are excited about.

Being More Focused After Becoming A Mother

I started working when my daughter was a year and a half. I used to finish my shots really quickly because I wanted to get home. I would do it to the best of my ability so my director is also satisfied. I became more focused on set.

What Makes A Great Leader

I loved Befikre. It was hard for Adi to see failure after a string of successes but he is one of the most positive people I have met in the industry, which is why I respect him… When people in his company fail, he's the first person to stand behind them and give them a second chance. That's a great quality to have for a leader.

Staying Away From Social Media

I would not be able to post a picture of my daughter or just of me sitting in my house on social media. I can't do those things. It's great people are doing it and they are getting good so much mileage out of that. But you have to be prepared for the fall out.

On How Pampered Actors Are

Earlier we had our mothers on the set to be strict. Today you don't get that dose of reality because you have people around you constantly telling you how great you are. Today you have people lending your clothes. We had to buy clothes! Stars are spoilt now. My husband runs a talent agency and I know how well looked after they are.

Working With Adi Chopra

I would love to work with my husband but he doesn't want to work with me. I think he feels that on the first day of shoot, we will have a fight and both of us will walk out and there will be no film.

On Her Career Plan Ahead

I would like to do one film a year but I don't want to do the film because to was the only one offered to me. I want to work in a film that gives me a high. I should feel like playing a different character and showing my fans a different side of myself.

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