You Can’t Afford To Have A One-Off Film Now: Madhavan, Film Companion

In our recent interview with R. Madhavan, he spoke at length about his decision to do fewer films. “Which actor can afford to do a film that doesn’t count in today’s day? You could have a string of hits behind you and one film that you did for the sake of friendship or money, and that brings you down,” he told FC South Editor Baradwaj Rangan.

The actor who starred in the hit Vikram Vedha last year says he isn’t as concerned about his market value as he is of the backlash from viewers. He stresses that since movie-going has become an increasingly expensive affair, choosing which film to watch has become a ‘family decision’ and a wrong choice could even cause conflict.

“If you contribute to that argument or ‘loss of face’ as I like to call it, they’re not ready to forgive you.” He also spoke about the bad word-of-mouth that enraged audiences can spread through social media and memes that go on to be more popular than the films themselves. “You can’t afford to have a one-off film right now. Quality over quantity is not a decision, it’s a survival technique.”

Catch the full interview with Madhavan here:

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