fc lead love hostel interview with vikrant massey and sanya malhotra on shah rukh khan

Vikrant Massey and Sanya Malhotra have teamed up for their first project together in Zee5’s Love Hostel, premiering on the platform on March 25. Ahead of the release of the film, the actors couldn’t stop gushing about superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who co-produced the film under his banner, Red Chillies Entertainment. While commending him for backing a crime thriller set in the backdrop of honor killings, they also spoke about the one thing that sets him apart in-person: his distinct fragrance!

Edited excerpts:

Sneha Menon Desai: Shah Rukh Khan is putting his might and muscle behind the two of you. What kind of a producer is he?

Vikrant Massey (VM): As a producer, the fact that King Khan or Shah Rukh Khan, the biggest superstar in the world, is backing something like Love Hostel, speaks volumes of the way he approaches his subjects. It’s incredible. Honestly speaking, there are very few takers for a script like this. Without divulging much, I think a lot of people wouldn’t attempt spending even an ounce of an energy on something like this. But for him to back this for nearly two years, along with Drishyam Films, really speaks volumes. As much as I used to love him as Shah Rukh Khan, the artist, I love Shah Rukh Khan, the person, a little more now.

SMD: Do you have a Shah Rukh Khan story?

VM: I have one. I’ve never met him personally. Years ago, he had come to the Filmalaya Studio [in Mumbai] once where he was shooting for Devdas. I was doing a Disney show at that time, and his 555 BMW 7-series had arrived there. So, he was passing from there when I just got a whiff of him and I realised that this is what this man smells like.

Sanya Malhotra (SM): I was actually going to talk about the same thing!

VM: It’s the way he smells. It feels like, ‘Yeah, someone has passed by.’ It’s such a distinct smell.

SM: Yes, it’s very sundar, and it stays with you for hours. We have all experienced this. When Shah Rukh Khan hugs you, that beautiful smell stays with you for hours and hours.

VM: I didn’t get a hug, but I just saw him pass by.

SM: He hugged me. (laughs)

VM: Sahi hai. (laughs)

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