Karthick Naren On The 5 Films That Taught Him Direction

From Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film Psycho to Christopher Nolan's thriller, The Prestige (2006) - here are the director's cinematic influences


Psycho (1960)

When it comes to this film, it’s all about filmmaking, editing, and how to make a film suggestive. If you ask me, the best form of violence is suggestive violence. When you show the audience what has happened exactly, there is no room for their imagination. According to me, storytelling is 50% of what the narrator wants to say and 50% of what the audience want to take (away). It’s not just the shower scene, but everything in the movie, like the narration in the end where he looks into the camera. I think looking into the camera is a very powerful tool. It’s like saying, ‘Okay, we are aware that you are also a part of our journey. Tell us what happened.’ In Psycho, Hitchcock has beautifully explained the power of editing and how it can change a character in a matter of seconds.

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