Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub Interview

Despite a strong debut in No One Killed Jessica and a number of noteworthy performances since, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub is perhaps most recognised for being forever cast as the hero’s best friend. A role he has taken on in many films including Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Raees and Zero among others.

So we asked him what the trick is to playing the hero’s best friend in every film. Here’s what she had to say:

“There’s no particular way to do it right. The only thing I would say is, not to try and become a hero. If you get into that world, you’ll be trapped. The story is supporting somebody else, the camera is supporting somebody else, the director is supporting somebody else. Everything is focussed on one person because they want the perspective of that character. That’s why he’s the hero. So if you are fighting with him, you’ll never win. If you fight, then the scene won’t work, because both of you will be in different zones. And if the scene is not good then, irrespective of how good you are, the audience will not remember the scene. If the audience doesn’t remember the scene, they will not remember you. The basic idea is that you have to go with the flow, and you have to honestly do whatever work you’re given. You have to help in creating the scene, rather than trying to show off and stand out.”


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