What My Father Did For Me, I Want To Do For My Kids: Bobby Deol, Film Companion

Bobby Deol, who will be seen opposite Salman Khan in the upcoming Race 3, says his wife and kids were the impetus he needed to get his career back on track. “Things were not falling in the right place and I would wonder why. But my wife would keep saying, ‘You have to look after yourself. Look at how you’re looking,'” the actor says.

Deol revealed that when he started his career, he was used to the “traditional way” of working in cinema. “I was used to work coming to me instead of me going and asking for work. And then things just slowed down because I didn’t do that and others took the same roles that I would have got,” he says.

Deol also spoke about reaching a low point in life. “I didn’t care about things, about myself. And I suddenly started to lose it all. And you don’t realise it till one day it just dawns on you,” he says.

The actor also mentioned that he felt the need to fight the impression of him that was being perpetuated through social media. “People were talking about me saying, ‘He’s happy. He has a lot of a money, why would he need to work? He’s lazy.’

“How do I make people understand that I need to work? I look at my kids and I want to work for them. I want to keep working everyday of my life and I want to do the best I can. What my father did for me, I want to do for my kids.”


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