Abhishek Bachchan On Where Anurag Basu Created The Ludo Universe, Film Companion

An Anurag Basu universe is uncontained and unwilling to be pinned down. In his latest Netflix film Ludo too he takes this capacity for rowdy-geography and plots his 4 interweaving stories- with a house by a rattling railways, sometimes Bhilai, sometimes Bombay, with mountains and ravines, tin-town gangster dens like a floating market. Basu himself, the all-seeing narrator, is at the top of a butte, playing Ludo, while narrating the same.

In an interview with Team Ludo, Abhishek Bachchan spoke about the unique experience of working with Anurag Basu, his vision, and how he mounts magical and mystical corners of India in Chandivali studios in Mumbai.

“And the one thing that everybody asks me and which is one of the first questions that I asked him when I came on set for the first time was, “Hey! Where did you shoot this film? Where is it set?”.

And it sounds so de-glamorous to say Chandivali studios. 90% of the film is Chandivali studios! And you know when I came to Chandivali, I said Dada why are we shooting in Chandivali? He said Barfi also I shot in Chandivali. I said “No no! Barfi you shot in Darjeeling. He said “Nahi! Voh do din gaya accha nahi laga, wapas aake idhar hi shoot kar liya maine.” And then I revisited some of [his films]. The maximum films he has made, most of them are shot in Chandivali studios and you are like “Really?”

It just goes to show that this man’s vision is so apart from being brilliant. It is so detailed that he knows exactly what he is doing. So at that point, you can say let me just lie back and listen because he knows what he is doing.”

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