Anushka Sharma On Her Marriage To Virat Kohli And The Pressures Of Being A Power Couple

The actress, who announced her pregnancy today, on why both her and Virat Kohli are uncomfortable with fame
Anushka Sharma On Her Marriage To Virat Kohli And The Pressures Of Being A Power Couple

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are expecting their first child early next year, following the recent social media announcement of her pregnancy. In a 2018 interview to Film Companion Editor Anupama Chopra, the actress  spoke about the pressures of being classified 'a power couple', why both her and Virat are uncomfortable with fame and the key to staying to detached from the extreme highs and lows of their individual careers.

Edited Excerpts:

Anupama Chopra: Both you and Virat have a career that demands a lot of stress where the highs are really high and the lows are really low. How do you keep this zen like attitude? 

Anushka Sharma: The other day someone asked me this question about being a power couple and how do we manage it, and I told that person that we don't see ourselves like that. If we started to see ourselves that way, then there is something wrong in the nature of our relationship. It's not even a thought that arises in our mind. If someone were to have an insight into our lives, they would see that we are very simple people wanting to do very normal things. We are very awkward with the fame we have. We don't embrace the fame and the stardom, and I think that's why we connect with each other so much. 

We run away from these things sometimes and find the need to be in our own cocoon. I think that's the reason why we are so self sufficient. And when I say 'self' I mean the both of us. We don't see each other as different, we are exactly the same. Him and me are male and female versions of each other. Yes, of course, the outer expression might be different and the way people look at us might be different, but our values are exactly the same. Both of us are very spiritual people and I think somewhere that's where we get out strength from. 

AC: So how do you have that detachment?

AS: Usually the 'high' is supposed to happen if someone comes and tells me that they liked a film of mine, but in my case, I don't feel anything. Nothing happens. Conversely, if somebody comes and tells me that for example Pari didn't do an adequate amount of business, I don't feel upset. And this takes practice. To feel this way and to get there, you have to work towards it. And I guess both of us work towards that. For him, even if he scores a century in cricket, it's about him overcoming his mind. It's not about how brilliantly he played, but about how he overcame his fears and did this. That's his victory.

So I guess we see life in a different way, we don't see it from a worldly and materialistic point of view. That part is there, but we use that position to do more and to try to influence people. Not in the sense that 'we are in a position of power and we need to talk about everything', but just by the way we are. And it starts first from your family; my father would always say that charity begins at home. How you lead your life will influence the people around you. So the people surrounding me are my co-actors and directors and the hair and makeup people. So if the way I am leading my life can influence the way someone else is, then that is good enough for us. I guess that's how we remain not affected by who we are.

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