10 Years of Om Shanti Om With Farah Khan

We re-live 10 years of Om Shanti Om with filmmaker Farah Khan. Khan talks to Anupama Chopra about various anecdotes from the making of the Shah Rukh Khan- Deepika Padukone starrer. The filmmaker also shares various stories of the making of the 'Deewangi' song that saw the likes of Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukherji, Priyanka Chopra etc come together to celebrate the movies.
10 Years of Om Shanti Om With Farah Khan

Highlights of the Interview

  • I got pregnant towards the end of the shoot of Om Shanti Om and we still had to shoot Dard-E-Disco. So every time SRK took his shirt off I would throw up in a bucket that was kept on set! I had to assure him this was not a reaction to his body which was looking fab!
  • Deepika Padukone had an old world charm & poise to her that reminded me Of Hema Malini. I added the 'dreamy girl' angle after I cast her.
  • I really wanted to get Salman, Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan together in the Deewangi song. But Aamir was editing Taare Zameen Par at that time and said his film would get delayed by 3 months if he came for the one hour shoot! Later he told me he just didn't want to come.
  • Had we not clashed with Saawariya 10 years ago we would've been the first film in the history of Bollywood to rake in 100 crores! I wish things had not become so ugly with Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
  • The mustache that Arjun Rampal sports in the film was Shah Rukh's contribution. I loved it because I thought he looked like Vinod Khanna!

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