Cannes 2024: Exclusive Interview with Santosh Sivan | Anupama Chopra | FC at Cannes

In conversation with Santosh Sivan at the 77th Cannes Film Festival.
Cannes 2024: Exclusive Interview with Santosh Sivan
Cannes 2024: Exclusive Interview with Santosh Sivan

Santosh Sivan speaks with Anupama Chopra about receiving the prestigious Pierre Angénieux tribute at the Cannes Film Festival. During the conversation, Sivan reflects on his journey, recalling his first film, which he completed in just six days. He shares his unique approach to cinematography, likening his process to creating music, where light and shadow play like a melody. Sivan also discusses his positive view on the widespread use of camera phones, believing they enhance the audience's understanding of visual language. Additionally, he recounts his decision to forge his own path after graduating from the Film and Television Institute of India, choosing not to follow the conventional route.

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