Keeping Up With Deepika Padukone At Cannes

The actress has been quite the chameleon, seemingly changing her look every hour
Keeping Up With Deepika Padukone At Cannes

10 SECOND TAKE: I'm hoping Deepika Padukone's #Cannes2018 looks will promptly wash away the bitter aftertaste of her Met Gala appearance. It's not news to anyone that dressing for the shutterbugs at the airport has assumed as much importance as dressing for a mega-watt red carpet event. This time, Padukone came through! She's been quite the chameleon, seemingly changing her look every hour. She appears to be hedging her bets, intent on winning you over with one if not the other.  

ZERO HOUR: Hours ago, the actor landed in Nice and was spotted wearing an oversized Maison Margiela shirt, neatly cinched at the waist with a belt. Stylist Shaleena Nathani teamed it with a classic Céline 'Phantom' bag. If the leggings looked familiar, it's because you saw her sporting them at Balmain's Met Gala after party. For no explicable reason, celebrities have shied away from repeating outfits. But I'm so here for it. Even if it was just for an Instagram post (or a couple of thousand) I'll take it.

HOUR TWO: I'm not a honking fan of the off-duty look that came right after, I'll admit. I'm glad she quickly dumped the jeans and white tee in favour of a dress by Tome.

HOUR THREE: For the uninitiated: Tome is a New York label helmed by Australian designers Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin. (PS: Lobo has roots in India; he moved from Kolkata to Sydney at the age of five.) Martin has been a design director at Derek Lam, and has even worked at Alberta Ferretti and Jean Paul Gaultier, while Lobo cut his teeth in fashion as a stylist.

They don't use buzzwords like "ethical fashion" and "sustainability" without the means to back their claims. They were among the finalists of the inaugural CFDA + Lexus Fashion* Initiative, which is aimed at pivoting American fashion towards a more sustainable future. It covers all the cogs and wheels of the fashion business, from sourcing, ethical production, supply chain transparency, business strategies and consumer literacy.    

HOUR FOUR: By this point Padukone has changed more times than I've had coffee, and it's frankly hard to just keep up. Do not envy her. Her next choice was a billowy gown from Italian label Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini. Nathani teamed the look with Alberta Ferreti heels. We see what she did there – in 1984 Philosophy was founded by Alberta Ferreti, in 2014 when Serafini came to hold the reins the name was changed. Essentially, this is a head-to-toe Alberta Ferreti look! Not that I'm complaining of course. Serafini knows her way around long, romantic dresses and her floaty georgettes and chiffons are easy to love.

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