Your Review On FC: Avengers – Endgame

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Your Review On FC: Avengers – Endgame

After the purple headed super-villain, Thanos collected all six infinity stones and snapped his finger which wiped out 50 percent of the Earth's population in Avengers: Infinity War and left our "left-over" Avengers to come to term with the depressing reality and with survivor's guilt in Avengers: Endgame, Russo Brothers wraps up this epic saga of Marvel Cinematic Universe with bedazzling action.

It's been over a decade since Marvel Studios began its comic-inspired movie franchise with 2008's Iron Man and after 21 movies and more than 10 television shows and end number of games and merchandise, MCU has become a part of fan's lives who grew up reading the comics and also those who followed the journey since Iron Man.

Endgame follows our heroes after five years later after the last epic showdown in Infinity War. They are living with survivor's guilt and the pervasive feeling of failure, fear, and anger that gripped them after losing their friends and family. Grief has softened up some heroes while messed up some's mind but all of them gather together for the last chance they get to save the lost ones. It was like a tribute to every major character from all 21 movies throughout the movie where they were shown through flashbacks here and there. The characters confront old story arcs in the form of lost friends, family members, and lost love. It might seem too much for those viewers who might have skipped some films along the way. Even hardcore MCU fans might take a while to recall some side characters.

Endgame filmmakers pack off the marvel(ous) finale for the longest-term fans who grew up with the characters and knows their existing emotional arcs and deep-seated insecurities and drawing those ideas out at length. Tony Stark's constant war between arrogance and his heavy sense of responsibility, Thor's buried insecurities, Steve Rogers' deep-down ache for everything he lost when he was jolted out of his own time — they all get some screen time, ramped up to new heights by the latest crisis.

Review written by Sagarika, the winner of this week's #YourReviewOnFC contest

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