Top Moments Of John Abraham Destroying Things

From tyres to tables, we list our favourite instances of the actor breaking objects
Top Moments Of John Abraham Destroying Things

The trailer for John Abraham's upcoming film Satyamev Jayate directed by Milap Zaveri dropped a few days ago. It features our very own Man of Steel in a return to home ground. We see him as a vengeful vigilante cop, out to avenge his father's suicide, trashing people and giving hoot-worthy monologues. But perhaps the most striking visuals were – in what have becoming somewhat of a staple in Abraham's films – of him breaking things. This time around, the offenders were a police car door and….a tyre.

We thought we'd share our favourite instances of the actor breaking things. This list is not a comprehensive one, as that would take weeks, maybe years. But following are some of the most inventive from across his filmography:

Police Van –  Dhoom (2004)

It is 2004. A gang of bikers are making an escape after a successful heist. The police trail behind. The leader, atop a Suzuki Hayabusa, signals the group to break up and then leads the car chasing him onto a highway. Suddenly, he slows down. We see a close-up of him taking off his helmet. He gives a sinister smile, almost mocking the no helmet laws of the country. Then this happens:

Amitabh Bachchan – Aetbaar (2004)

You may be Big B to others. But to John, you're just any B. Watch him push Mr. Bachchan through a glass in this clip from Aetbaar:

Motorbike – Force (2011)

Given the actor's fondness for motorbikes, this one must have been particularly hard to perform. But it's no-holds-barred when you're looking for your kidnapped wife. So he lifts a Bajaj Pulsar with sheer arm strength and finishes things off by flinging it on the goon.

Shirt Sleeves – Desi Boyz (2011)

Objects are bound to change physical shape in Abraham's films. Especially when he's playing a male stripper. Here we see an example of instant tailoring:

Tables – Rocky Handsome (2016)

When you star in a movie with 'handsome' in a title, it would be foolish to not break things without a suit on. In these stunts from Nishikant Kamat's Rocky Handsome, a stylish John exacts his revenge on his worst enemies: carpenters.

Fire Escape – Force 2 (2016)

By now it's clear that when you're up against John Abraham, anything in the vicinity could be used to take you down. Tahir Raj Bhasin learnt this the hard way in Force 2, proving that you could make a narrow escape from a raging fire but not from a raging Abraham.

What are some of your favourite moments of John Abraham destroying things? Let us know in the comments!

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